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Zen Office™

A portable work station for laptop computers, writing, and reading that can be used in three different ways. Props consist of a Peace Bench™ and a Tilt Seat™. Laptop Sticky Pad and Laptop Clip Straps available to keep your laptop secure.

Why You Will Love It!

  • Active Sitting aligns the spine into it’s natural S shaped position which is called ‘spine neutral’

  • Helps to alleviate back pain caused by prolonged sitting in flat chairs

  • Decompresses the vertebral lumbar disks

  • Active Sitting stimulates metabolism by burning calories

  • Increases oxygen to the lungs by opening up the breathing channels

  • Brings movement and power to your office setting

How You Can Use It

  • As a Floor Desk for active sitting while kneeling, squatting or perching (illustrated below)
  • As an Active Sitting Work Station at a standard height desk (illustrated below)
  • As a Stand Up Desk when placed on a standard height desk (illustrated below)
  • Comes apart in several pieces for easy traveling
  • Turns everyday sedentary desk work into an all day workout

What Our Customers Are Saying

This setup rocks!

I use the “Tilt Seat” as my desk top for my laptop while sitting on the Peace Bench. I spend hours writing every morning this way. I alternate my legs on the bench – sometimes cross legged, sometimes spread out to the side of the desk, and sometimes under the bench. I can’t imagine ever going back to a normal desk again. The height is perfect.

Thanks for the amazing designs of your Body Friendly Furniture!


I received my Zen Office today and was amazed by how something so simple made such a difference in my posture, breathing, and overall comfort. I’m a bit on the heavy side and found the sky position to be the most effective and comfortable for my body type when using the Peace Bench. As for the Tilt Seat, it’s equally comfortable to sit on when I’m not using it as a laptop desk. I plan to take the Tilt Seat to work with me and banish my uncomfortable office chair to the storage closet!


Having used a gamut of seating situations for computer work, ranging from cardboard-box standing desks, to $22 Ikea hacks for a standing desk, and even yoga balls for active sitting, I can say with confidence that I don’t think I will ever need another desk besides the Carolina Mornings Zen Office. Since it breaks back down to two small packages, with no tools required for assembly, I can take it anywhere, and whenever I get tired in one position, I can quickly move to another.

Pursa Zula,

Tilt Seat Assembly Instructions