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Carolina Morning Drop Ship Request

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Carolina Morning Design’s

Drop Ship Policy

Our drop ship policy streamlines the collaboration between you, the store, and Carolina Morning, ensuring a seamless experience for both parties.   (More details upon approval)

When a drop ship partner places an order with us, we promptly transmit the order details to our production department, who then handles product fulfillment and direct shipment to the assigned customer.

We prioritize maintaining up-to-date information on inventory availability and strive to process orders efficiently.

Shipping times, carriers, and associated costs are clearly communicated to customers during the purchase process.

Our return and refund procedures are designed to be straightforward, with guidelines for handling product quality issues or damaged items.

Open and transparent communication between Carolina Morning our Drop Ship Partners is encouraged, and we aim to address any concerns promptly.

We appreciate the collective nature of drop shipping and are committed to upholding high standards of customer satisfaction, quality control, and efficient order processing.


Carolina Morning Designs

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