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Why Choose Caroline Morning For Your Meditation Supplies?

Caroline Morning works with retails to match their wholesale meditation needs by providing friendly support and accountability.  We make high quality meditation cushions, benches and yoga props. In fact we are one of the original Mediation/Yoga Prop companies since our origin in 1985. This means we can help YOU sell more stuff, because we speak the language  

Our products are an ideal fit for your customers because what meditators look for is easy to use, off the shelf solutions to make their practice work. And this mean comfortable, attractive, eco-friendly props that allow mediators to sit with ease and create a launching pad for their meditation practice. 

We offer zafus, smile cushions, and meditation benches in multiple shapes, sizes and colors to fit each person’s individual needs. We also have a full assortment of yoga props such as eye pillows, yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, and yoga mats. 

Carolina Morning is known for it’s high quality and commitment to the meditation community.  We are a one stop shop for everything meditation and yoga prop. 


Why Finding A Reliable Wholesale Meditation Supplier Is Important? 

Many retailers are looking for wholesale meditation supplies and Carolina Morning is a trusted partner.  Meditation is no longer a practice reserved solely for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. It has now become a trendy, mainstream activity. 

Here are the top statistics about meditation that reveal how popular the practice has become:

  1. Over 14% of US adults have tried meditation at least once.

With an estimated adult population in the US of 253 million adults that works out at nearly 36 million people.

Another piece of research, published by Pew Research Centre in 2014, suggested the number was even higher. They reported that as many as 40% of Americans claim to meditate at least once a week.

     2. Since 2012 the number of people practicing meditation has tripled

Previous research in 2012, Complementary and Integrative Health Approaches identified yoga, meditation and chiropractic care as the most popular Mind and Body practices.

Meditation is now the second most popular Mind and Body practice in the US. This makes it more popular than seeing a chiropractor and places it just behind yoga, which is also proving to be a huge growing trend.

    3. The most popular Mind and Body practices in the US, based on research in 2017:   

  • Yoga (14.3%)
  • Meditation (14.2%)
  • Chiropractor (10.3%

Market Value – The U.S. meditation market was estimated to be valued at $959 million as of 2015, growing to $1.08 billion in 2016 and $1.21 billion in the current year. Market data forecasts 11.4% average yearly growth, to $2.08 billion by 2022.

Demographics –  Approximately 9.3 million U.S. adults have used meditation in the past 12 months. The profile of a typical meditation user is a middle-aged female, highly educated (college or higher education degree), non-Hispanic White, and residing in a Western state of the U.S.—very similar to the profile of a self-improvement consumer.

Studios – There are an estimated 2,450 meditation studios or centers in the U.S., mostly non-profit organizations. They generate $659 million in revenues. These centers work closely with yoga studios (which have grown in popularity in recent years).

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