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Exploring Meditation Practices and Techniques

Vippassana Breath Meditation

This is one of many ways to practice meditation. This is particularly effective in quietening the mind and grounding the body. Once you have assumed a comfortable sitting position, take the first few moments to sweep through the body with the intention to relax. Soften and let go around areas of tightness and contraction. Let all the senses be awake…aware of physical sensations, mood, sounds and space in all directions. Then, become aware in a very soft yet clear way of the movement of…

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Meditation Basics: The Art Of Natural Sitting

The iconic “Meditation Posture” seen in many publications is often misleading as a guide to real-life sitting for meditation. In advertising photographs the head is thrown back with neck jutting forward. The spine is sometimes shown as rigid. This position is neither healthy, nor sustainable. Sitting this way…

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