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Proper Care Tips For Your Carolina Morning Products

Proper Care Tips For Your Carolina Morning Products

As you may know, Carolina Morning is located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains at the base of Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains Range.  The region is considered a temperate rain forest with one of the most bio-diverse eco-systems in the world.  This summer, in particular, has felt very damp. We have received an abundance of rain.  The high humidity levels…

How We Learned To Live In And Love A Tiny House – Part One

Camping in a tent next to a pile of lumber, recycled windows, and boxes full of our entire household belongings, Linsi and I had a task ahead of us: build a house and move into it before winter. It was at that time mid November of the year 1987. Okay, the house was really only a cabin or trail shelter, the dimensions: 10 feet by 10 feet with a loft. But we had never done carpentry before and we were attempting to build this thing from a book. We had to leave our previous house suddenly….

Back Pain Management With Holistic Methods: One Person’s Success

By Laura Sobel I had wholly-debilitating symptoms of sciatica due to minor stenosis (@neural foramina) at L5/S1 that were so painful, I was prevented from pursuing employment as a massage therapist, let alone tolerate a car trip across town. I was diagnosed with “degenerative disc disease,” but thankfully I met a surgical team who did not wish to cut on me to make me feel better for my particular pathology. I originally purchased your chair [EcoBackrest™] with the intention of using it to…

What Is Grounding?

source: The Earth is negatively charged. It has an endless supply of negative-charged free electrons. Anytime you have two conductive objects and they make contact, such as your bare feet and the ground, electrons will flow from the place where they are abundant to the place where there are fewer of them. The electrical potential of the two objects will thus equalize. That describes grounding simply. The land and seas of planet Earth…