Laptop Sticky Pad


Stability and Support

Are you tired of your laptop sliding around on your desk or struggling to find a secure spot for it? Look no further than our Laptop Sticky Pads, ideal for our tilt seats or benches. Designed to keep your laptop firmly in place, and the perfect solution for a stable workspace. They firmly adhere to your desk surface, creating a non-slip grip that prevents your laptop from sliding or shifting during use. No more frustrating interruptions or worries about accidental bumps that could damage your device. Enjoy a stable and secure workstation that allows you to focus on your tasks.

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Our sticky pad acts as a friction pad for your Peace Bench™ and Tilt Seat™ or Sky Bench™.
Crafted from high-quality material, the same as our eco-friendly Manduka Eko Yoga Mat
Our Laptop Sticky Pads are durable and long-lasting. The strong non slip backing ensures a reliable bond to your desk surface without leaving any residue when removed. Designed to withstand daily use and provide a reliable solution for maintaining an organized workspace.
Weighs 7 oz.

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Laptop Sticky Pad

Peace Bench™ (7" x 18"), Tilt Seat™ or Sky Bench™ (10" x 20")


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