Tilt Seat™ /Sky Bench™ Cushion


Elevate Comfort and Posture with Tilt Seat Cushions

Discover the transformative benefits that Tilt Seat cushions bring to your sitting experience, from posture enhancement to pressure relief.

Posture Enhancement and Pressure Relief

Tilt seat cushions play a pivotal role in cultivating better posture and alleviating pressure on specific body regions. By providing a gentle tilt, these cushions encourage proper spinal alignment and reduce strain, ensuring a more ergonomic and comfortable sitting position.

Organic Cotton Comfort

Crafted with the utmost consideration for comfort and sustainability, our Tilt Seat cushions are fashioned from organic cotton. This choice of material not only offers a cozy seating surface but also aligns with eco-friendly values, contributing to a healthier environment.

Supportive Fill Options

Personalize your comfort journey with our Tilt Seat cushions, which can be filled with either organic buckwheat hulls or organic kapok fibers. Both options deliver exceptional support and adapt to the contours of your body, offering a custom-fit seating experience.  Experience the harmony of comfort and posture optimization with our Tilt Seat cushions. Designed to cater to your unique needs, these cushions serve as a testament to both functionality and sustainability, enriching your sitting moments with unmatched comfort and support.

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Tilt Seat Cushions

Extended Comfort and Relaxation

Elevate your sitting experience with Tilt Seat cushions, offering an additional layer of support. Especially beneficial during longer periods of inactivity, these cushions ensure a relaxed and soothing seating experience that encourages prolonged comfort.

Ergonomic Enhancement with Bench Cushions

In scenarios where existing seating falls short of providing sufficient support, consider integrating a bench cushion into your setup. This versatile addition not only offers extra padding but also elevates your seating height, resulting in an improved ergonomic arrangement that maximizes comfort.

Promotion of Proper Posture

Our cushions are thoughtfully designed to prioritize proper posture while seated. By encouraging optimal alignment, Tilt Seat cushions contribute to the reduction of strain on the back, neck, and shoulders, enabling you to enjoy extended periods of sitting with enhanced comfort.

Customizable Fill Options

Choose from our range of fill options, including both kapok and buckwheat hulls. Recognizing individual preferences, our cushions cater to diverse comfort needs. While some may find buckwheat-filled cushions supportive and comfortable, others might opt for kapok for prolonged seating comfort.

Embrace the fusion of comfort and ergonomic support with our Tilt Seat cushions. Whether you're seeking relaxation during quiet moments or striving for improved posture, our cushions are designed to be your companion in enhancing your sitting experience.

  • Cushion fits the 10" x 20" seat top.
  • Attached velcro straps secure tightly to underside of Tilt Seat™

Additional information

Stuffing Material

Buckwheat Hulls, Kapok


Blue, Org. Cinnamon, Org. Indigo, Org. Lavender, Organic Moss, Organic Pecan, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Plum, Black, Burgundy, Dark Green, Purple, Sage


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