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Floor Desk (Zen Office™)


Serenity and Focus in Your Workspace 

Zen Influence

  •  A floor desk is often associated with Zen Buddhism or minimalist aesthetics, embodying low height, simplicity, and clean lines for a tranquil and uncluttered workspace.

Promoting Focus

  • The purpose of a Zen floor desk is to foster a grounded and focused working or studying environment. It encourages individuals to sit cross-legged or kneel, believed to elevate concentration, mindfulness, and body posture.

Comfort and Support

  • While peace benches may not offer the same level of cushioning as traditional desk chairs, you have the flexibility to add cushions for enhanced comfort and support tailored to your preferences.

Our versatile floor desk can be used in three different ways:

1) Floor Desk
2) Stand Up Desk
3) Convert your standard workstation into an Active Sitting Station

Includes: Peace Bench and Tilt Seat combination.

Optional Accessories: Laptop Clip Straps, Yoga Bench Pad, Peace Bench Cushion, Tilt Seat Cushion

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Benefits of a Zen Floor Desk

Supports proper posture:

Sitting on the floor with proper alignment can help improve posture by engaging core muscles and reducing strain on the back and neck. The act of sitting cross-legged or in a kneeling position can also promote spinal alignment and reduce the risk of slouching.

Enhances flexibility and mobility:

Regularly sitting on the floor can improve flexibility and mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles. It encourages a wider range of motion and can help counteract the stiffness that can result from prolonged sitting in conventional chairs.

Versatile and space-saving:

Floor desks are typically lightweight and portable, making them easy to move and store. They are suitable for small spaces and can be used in various settings, such as home offices, meditation rooms, or communal areas.

The Floor Desk Includes: (1) Peace Bench and (1) Tilt Seat. (Small, Medium, or Large))
Optional Accessories: Laptop Clip Straps, Yoga Bench Pad, Peace Bench Cushion, Tilt Seat Cush

Additional information

Zen Office Size

Large (Fits people six foot plus), Medium (Fits people to 5' 11"), Small (Fits people to 5'4")


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