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Peace Bench™ Cushion


Our Peace Bench cushions provide comfort and support, and produce a more pleasant sitting experience.

They can be used in various settings; including homes, offices, cars, or during outdoor activities such as camping or sporting events.




The primary purpose of a Peace Bench cushion is to provide cushioning and distribute body weight evenly, reducing strain on pressure points and improving overall sitting comfort.

Peace Bench cushions provide an extra layer of support, making sitting more relaxed, and conducive to longer inactive times. In situations where the existing seating lacks adequate support, a bench cushion can be used to improve the overall ergonomic setup. It can provide extra padding, fill in gaps, and adjust the seat angle or height to create a more comfortable and ergonomic seating arrangement.

Our bench cushions are designed to promote proper posture while sitting. By encouraging better posture, our bench cushions can help reduce strain on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Available in both kapok and buckwheat hulls. It's worth noting that individual preferences for type of filling can vary, and while many people find Buckwheat-filled seat cushions comfortable and supportive, others may prefer Kapok for longer seating comfort.

The cushions are approximate in size to fit the 7" x 18" seat top.

***Attached velcro straps secure tightly to underside of bench.

Additional information

Stuffing Material

Buckwheat Hulls, Kapok


Org. Moss, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Undyed Natural, Organic Lavender, Organic Indigo, Organic Pecan, Organic Pumpkin, Black, Burgundy, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Sage


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