Meditation Cushions and Benches

Why Sit Like This?

Natural Sitting on the floor is an art almost entirely lost by modern culture. This way of sitting has been practiced for centures to deepen breathing and kundalini flow during meditation.

Why Meditate?

Our modern world is jammed with business and thoughts which can create stress and keep us living a superficial life. Meditation allows us to dive deep into the essence of what this life is about so we can alleviate suffering and the root causes of suffering.

Sacred Space

Our products are the building blocks of creating a personal sanctuary. It is nice to have a room or corner set aside where you can go anytime and treat yourself to some silence and bliss.

Modular Options

Customize your meditation space using our variety of shapes and sizes, colors and stuffing materials. You can tweak it to get it just right. These products can be used for yoga as well as simple furniture.

Zafu (za foo)

The Zafu is the original meditation seat which originated in the Orient centuries ago. You can choose your stuffing material (kapok or buckwheat hulls) as well as your size (medium or large). All zafus are designed with built in fabric handle. Optional: Removable Cover in all Carolina Morning Colors.

Smile Cushion/ Crescent Zafu

Some people find the Smile Cushion/ Crescent Zafu more comfortable because it has more surface area for sitting. You can choose your stuffing material (kapok or buckwheat). One size fits all. Cloth carry handle is built into the design.

Optional: Removable Cover in all Carolina Morning colors

Zabuton (za boo tan)

The Zabuton is the floor mat with multiple uses. For a comfortable meditation place the Zafu, Smile Cushion™, Peace Bench™, or Sky Bench™ on the zabuton. Comes in your choice of sizes (medium, large, jumbo). All zabutons are filled with chemical free kapok fiber.

Optional: Removable Cover available in all Carolina Morning colors. 

Peace Bench™

The Peace Bench™ is normally used in the kneeling position. Rounded legs allow you to get your perfect angle. Simply comes apart for ease of travel. Comes in three sizes (small, medium, large).

Optional: Sky Bench/Tilt Seat Cushion, and Carry Bag

Sky Bench™

The Sky Bench™ is a taller and wider version of the Peace Bench™ with flat legs. It is designed for sitting in Easy Pose (Sukassana) position. It is particularly suited to people with limited flexibility. Simply comes apart for ease of travel. Optional: Sky Bench/Tilt Seat Cushion. 

Tilt Seat™

The Tilt Seat™ is one of our most versatile products. The forward tilted angle aligns your spine for active sitting and deeper meditation while sitting at chair height. This chair provides similar benefits to floor sitting without going all the way to the floor. It is also used for several other purposes such as a floor sitting desk and a standing desk. Simply comes apart for ease of travel. Comes in three sizes.

Optional: Sky Bench/Tilt Seat Cushion

Inflatable Zafu™

And check out our amazing Inflatable Zafu. You will literally be sitting on air with this ultimate portable meditation cushion. Designed for the meditator on the go! It is durable enough for outdoor use, easily washable, and can be inflated in seconds.

Support Cushions

Placed beneath your Zafu or Smile Cushion™, the Support Cushion helps you customize your sitting height.