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Inflatable Zafu

Hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe are using the Inflatable Zafu, staying centered in a busy world. Ideal for the traveling meditator, the Inflatable Zafu fits easily in a carry-on and is equally at home in a hotel room or next to campfire.

Why You Will Love It!

  • Eleven ounces light and fits in a coat pocket when deflated.
  • Durable enough for outdoor use, easily washable, and inflates via mouth in seconds.
  • You can take your meditation anywhere
  • The Inflatable Zafu has travelled successfully all over the world with meditators.

How You Can Use It

  • Most people use the Inflatable Zafu as a convenient traveling meditation cushion.
  • Can be used as a seat cushion or pillow partially inflated when traveling.
  • Inflate your zafu, deflate your ego!
  • Instant enlightenment: Just add air and sit

What It's Made Of

  • Cover Fabric: Organic Cotton Canvas or Traditional 100% Cotton
  • Stuffing: A replaceable inner beach ball
  • Replacement balls are available
  • Approximately 6″ high x 12″ wide when inflated (medium)
  • Approximately  7″ high x 13″ wide when inflated (large)  

What Our Customers Are Saying

In July I went to a 3 week intensive program at Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado where they only have gomdens, high, firm rectangular cushions. Since I was packing for 3 weeks in a tent, I didn’t have room for my zafu, so in desperation I ordered your inflatable zafu. It was fantastic. I used it all day every day. I didn’t even have to add air to it. I was thrilled, and now I have a travel zafu for future use. Thank you so much!”

Judy, Dorchester MA

This product is absolutely wonderful! I take it with me when traveling to a retreat and for daily practice on vacation. Recently, I’ve injured a knee. I can’t sit on any other cushion decides this inflatable’s and foot on its side. It provides the perfect amount of height and it is amazingly comfortable. Someone always asks about it and where they can get one. As far as I know, Carolina Morning is the only place.

Richard Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I meditate, being a beginner?
What does it feel like?

The Inflatable Zafu has a slightly less grounded feel and takes more balance than the solid zafu (i.e. there is more work involved with staying on.) However, usually after a minute or two one forgets all about it.

Tip: It helps to have the Inflatable Zafu on a mat or folded blanket for stability (as oppossed to a hard floor or surface). Also, the bouyancy of the cushion can be considered a training for better balance. The Inflatable Zafu has some subtle advantages over a standard zafu, which can only be realized by sitting on one.

How durable is it?

The Inflatable Zafu can be used on bare ground and can hold people over 200 pounds. In fact, we have not yet determined the weight limit! They are carried all over the backcountry and used for camping with great results. The inner ball will wear out with extended use (similar to a bicycle tube) and is replaceable for a modest $3.00. Most balls last for years with occasional use. With everyday use they usually last up to a year.

Does it squeak when you move around?

Yes and No. They do squeak some when shifting and getting up or down, unless some powdery substance is spread on them. We like arrowroot powder. It is easy to find in the herb section of any health food store and is unscented to avoid toxic fumes such as come from things like talcum powder.

What is the size?

The medium is approximately 6 inches high and twelve inches wide, and fits most people up to 6 feet tall. The large, approximately one inch taller and three inches wider, is best for bigger people. They are essentially the same size as a standard solid zafu.

The way the inflatable works is that you receive an inflatable beachball that goes inside a zafu cover. The ultimate size of the cushion depends on how full you fill the beachball with air. The size of the cover is as follows. The circle is about 10 inches seam to seam and the panel for the medium is about 6 1/2 inches tall. The circle is the same on the large and the panel is about 8 1/2 inches tall. If you totally inflated the ball, you could get the shape to practically be that of a ball. However, as you can imagine, that’s not a good idea. An estimated size when inflated could be something like 6 inches high by 12 inches wide, and for the large 7 inches high by 13 inches wide or so. 
The inflatable zafu has travelled successfully all over the world with meditators.
How is it inflated?

The ball is inflated with your mouth and takes a minute or two to fully inflate. The nozzle is accessed via the flap under the handle. You push the nozzle in after inflating and that keeps it from leaking.

What if I don't like it?

No problem. Just send it back within 21 days in new condition. We will give you a full refund minus the $3.00 inflatable ball and the shipping charges.

How can I replace it when it dies?

We sell replacement balls.  Or, try of these creative ideas yourself if you are a DIY type.