Zafu Meditation Cushions

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Discover the Zafu …

The Zafu meditation cushion is the preferred choice amongst practitioners at Carolina Morning.

Meticulously designed to honor the essence of traditional meditation aesthetics.

Our focus remains firmly on embracing minimalism, accentuating clean lines and an uncluttered appearance.


  • Medium (Stuffed): 15″ diameter x 7″ tall. Weighs 2.5 lbs (Kapok) or 5 lbs (Buckwheat)
  • Large (Stuffed): 17″ diameter x 7″ tall. Weighs 3 lbs (Kapok) or 6.5 lbs (Buckwheat)
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Our Zafu Meditation Cushions are carefully crafted using prime-select materials to ensure optimal comfort and durability...

Comfort & Support

  • Our zafu cushion provides a stable and comfortable base for sitting during meditation. Its elevated height and firm support help align the spine and promote a healthy posture, reducing the risk of discomfort or pain during prolonged meditation sessions.
  • The round shape of a zafu cushion helps to tilt the pelvis forward, allowing the spine to properly align. This alignment supports a more upright and balanced posture, facilitating deeper breathing and relaxation.
  • Buckwheat hulls conform well to the shape of the body, while kapok fibers provide a gentle cradle.


  • Sitting on a zafu cushion helps create a designated meditation space and signals your mind that it's time for focused practice. Having a dedicated cushion can enhance your mental association with meditation, making it easier to enter a calm and focused state of mind.
  • Their versatility allows for different meditation practices, such as Zen, mindfulness, or Vipassana. They can also be utilized for yoga or as a general floor cushion for sitting or relaxing.


  • We prioritize using materials that are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring a safe and healthy meditation experience. The choice between buckwheat and kapok comes down to personal preference regarding the feel, support, and other properties you desire in a pillow. Both buckwheat hulls and kapok fibers are two distinct natural materials and both generally considered hypoallergenic.


Accessories :
Removable Covers 
Kapok & Buckwheat Hulls
Fabric Colors

Additional information


Medium, Large

Stuffing Material

Buckwheat Hulls, Kapok


Org. Moss, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Undyed Natural, Organic Lavender, Organic Indigo, Organic Pecan, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Plum, Black, Burgundy, Dark Green, Navy Blue, Sage

3 reviews for Zafu Meditation Cushions

  1. Jeremy Stone

    I purchased my large zafu nearly eighteen years ago. I still use it daily and it is still in great shape. The only real care that has been necessary is adding some new buckwheat hulls. It is clearly a quality product. I am entirely happy with it through many years of use.

  2. Ginger D

    After 16 years of daily use my zafu was still in excellent condition when I unintentionally left it behind at a retreat. As soon as I got home, I ordered a new one. Was delighted to see the array colors available. Hoping to have many years to enjoy my new blue zafu and hoping my old zafu continues to support practitioners at the retreat center for decades to come. Thanks Carolina Morning!

  3. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Though far from inexpensive, this is a quality product. I use my cushion everyday sitting either cross legged or seiza. I’ve just ordered the Zabuton (sitting mat) to help with longer sitting, and I’m really excited! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to buy the real deal.

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Why You Will Love It!

  • Grounds and energizes the meditation experience by putting you in a position that is alert and relaxed
  • Aligns your spine to increase prana or life energy or chi
  • Provides comfortable support for extended durations of time

How You Can Use It

  • Can be either used on the floor by itself or placed on a zabuton for extra cushioning
  • Take a break from the world and explore your inner landscape or just relax
  • Lightweight and easy to take with you

What It's Made Of

  • Cover Fabric: Organic Cotton Canvas or Traditional 100% Cotton
  • Stuffing Material: You choose between eco-friendly Kapok Fiber or Buckwheat Hulls
  • Optional Removable Cover available
  • Choose from 14 colors

Which Meditation Seat is for You?

We recommend three basic meditation positions: Burmese, Kneeling, and Sky (or Easy Pose).

1. Sukhasana (a.k.a Easy Pose) – we generally recommend using a Sky Bench™ or Tilt Seat™ for this asana that is similar to sitting in a simple cross-legged position.  While opening the hips and lengthening the spine, the posture’s relative ease on the knees makes it easier than Siddhasana or Vajrasana for people with physical difficulties or limited flexibility.

2.  Siddhasana (a.k.a. Burmese) – a traditional cross-legged position, which we usually recommend using a Zafu or Smile Cushion™.

3. Vajrasana (a.k.a Seiza or Kneeling) – we generally recommend using a Peace Bench™.

However, other positions are appropriate for some situations. The lounge position or Shavasana (laying flat) can actually be better at times when you are too tired to sit. Eco Backrest™ can be the perfect lounge chair for those times.

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