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Tilt Seat™ Active Sitting Chair

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Bring Support and Comfort into your seating routine.

A Solution for Prolonged Sitting

Discover the ingenious design of the Tilt Seat, meticulously crafted to offer exceptional support during extended periods of sitting, fostering both comfort and well-being.

Pressure Reduction through Angled Design

The ingenious design of the Tilt Seat centers around its angled positioning, a feature that brings significant relief to the lower back, hips, and thighs. By effectively redistributing pressure, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing posture and curbing discomfort or pain associated with prolonged sitting.

Meditation Made Comfortable

Incorporating a tilt seat into your meditation practice yields multifaceted benefits, by reducing bodily distress and minimizing strain. This seating solution creates an environment of physical ease, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in a focused and comfortable meditation session.

Ergonomic Excellence in Office Spaces

Tilt seats have transcended their meditation-centric origin to become coveted choices in office settings. The ergonomic advantages they offer align perfectly with the demands of individuals spending extensive hours at desks.

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A Composed Seating Experience

The adoption of a tilt seat extends beyond mere utility; it's an investment in a more attentive connection with your body's alignment. By fostering this connection, you embark on a journey of enhanced posture, refined balance, and an enriched sense of self-awareness.

Cultivating Posture and Balance

Embrace the transformative potential of a tilt seat, a tool that not only promotes better posture and balance but also nurtures a heightened awareness of your body's alignment.

Mindful Posture and Balance Enhancement

The utilization of a tilt seat requires a conscious engagement with your body's posture and equilibrium. Through this engagement, you gradually develop a keen understanding of how your body is positioned and aligned in space.


  • Seat measures 10"x20". Weighs 10 lbs.  Supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Small: 19.5 inches tall in front generally fits people under 5'4"
  • Medium: 20.5 inches tall in front generally fits people 5'4" to 6'
  • Large: 21.5 inches tall in front generally fits people over 6' Seat






Additional information

Tilt Seat™ Size

Large (Fits people 6' plus), Medium (Fits people to 5' 11"), Small (fits people to 5' 4")

2 reviews for Tilt Seat™ Active Sitting Chair

  1. Mark

    I had hip replacement surgery this winter, and the Tilt Seat was an important part of my recovery. Sitting in a normal chair was not possible for a couple weeks, but I could sit comfortably on the Tilt Seat the first day I got home. Thank You!

  2. Christy Frazier

    This seat has moved with me for several years. When I set up my new house and home office I tried to replace it with a more “traditional” desk chair. Within a couple of months, I am back to the Tilt Seat! It really is the most comfortable and engaging way to sit. Came back today to buy a cushion and other body-friendly furniture!

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