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Living Large With Less

The Soul Of Design: Meaning Roots And Connection vs. Modern

When I was in high school I saw a funny looking stool at the Kansas Zen Center which was used for sitting kneeling style on the floor. I was fascinated as I had never seen anything like it, and this floor chair communicated the idea that sitting on the floor was possible. I had no one to tell me anything about HOW to sit on this floor kneeling bench or any instructions. But I found it pretty self explanatory. I sat on it and I seemed to stay up, without any support on any side. This floor…

The Lean Green Dwelling: Living Big In A Small Space

To most of us, a small dwelling normally brings up negative images such as: compromise, cramped, ghetto, low income, anti-social, and utilitarian. Isn’t this the land of the free, where bigger is better? The current offerings on the market for space-saving furniture are usually simply the same icons (the couch, chair, table, and bed) in a smaller size or having fewer of them in an abode, studio or office. This is not a system upgrade or redesign, but merely ‘re-arranging the furniture’….

The Paradox Of Small – Simplicity And Minimalism In The Bedroom

When I was in highschool I was inspired by Henry David Thoreau who lived in a 10’x10′ cabin as an experiment in self awareness and personal independence from herd mentality. Ever since, I had the ideal that living in a small space would be beautiful and simple. A small space offers a form of resistance or a boundary for me that feels safe and comforting. A small space helps me focus and inspires creativity. A small space has all the things I want: hassle-free, flexible, organized, easy to…

How We Learned To Live In And Love A Tiny House – Part Two

Twenty years ago I set out to build a house. I wanted a house that was a sanctuary, soothing, and interactive, that reflected serenity, open space, simplicity, and looked somehow more vernacular than modern. But vernacular to what? Perhaps vernacular to any culture that had a good idea about small space design. Also, I was creating a new vernacular based on body friendly design. That is why, ten years later, neither the house nor furniture are finished yet. This was my list of ideals: non…