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Removable Zabuton Cover

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A Zabuton cover can enhance the longevity & aesthetics of your cushion

Maintaining Appeal and Durability 

A removable zabuton cover elevates not only the longevity of your cushion but also ensures its consistently fresh and appealing appearance. This practical addition goes beyond protection, contributing to the preservation of your zabuton’s quality and visual appeal.

Addressing Accumulation and Enhancing Hygiene 

Zabutons, as floor cushions or seat cushions, inevitably encounter dirt, spills, and stains over time. This is where the advantage of a removable cover becomes apparent. Effortlessly remove the cover and wash it separately, allowing you to uphold the cleanliness of your zabuton. By embracing this maintenance approach, you ensure a clean and welcoming practice area. By embracing a removable zabuton cover, you seamlessly combine practicality with aesthetics, fostering a more enjoyable and harmonious meditation or yoga practice.

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Prolonging the Lifespan of your Zabuton -

Wear and Tear

Explore the impact of consistent use on meditation cushions and how a removable cover can extend its lifespan. A removable cover as it acts as a protective barrier against wear and tear, shielding meditation cushions from dirt, stains, dust, and general damage. This shield bears the brunt of daily use, ensuring prolonged durability and the preservation of the cushion's original state.

Hygiene Amplified

In spaces like meditation centers, yoga studios, and shared areas, removable covers prove invaluable. Each individual can possess their own cover, curtailing direct contact between the zabuton and multiple users. Washing covers regularly becomes effortless, promoting cleanliness and reducing the transmission of germs.

Cleaning Guidelines

For effective maintenance, hand or machine wash using cold water, a gentle cycle, and mild detergent. Opt for air drying to prevent fabric shrinkage that could arise from using a dryer.

Infusing Aesthetic Variation 

The zabuton cover goes beyond hygiene, doubling as a chance to revamp your living space. By swapping out colors to align with your design preferences, the cover adds a touch of personalization to your surroundings.

A Spare Cover's Value

Discover the added benefit of having a spare cover or two. These spares allow for rotation while one is being cleaned or in case of unforeseen situations, ensuring you're never caught off guard.


  • Medium 33" x 25"
  • Large 36" x 29"
  • Jumbo 36" x 32"
  • Weight is approximately 1 - 1.5 lb.

1 review for Removable Zabuton Cover

  1. gtfeibel

    These covers are high quality and very durable. They are easy to wash and dry when needed. Well worth the cost to protect these fine cushions.

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