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Yoga Strap


Versatile nature of Yoga Straps…

Empowering Difficult Poses

Yoga straps emerge as steadfast companions in tackling challenging poses. Their secure grip, provided by firm buckwheat, offers a stabilizing force, enabling practitioners to navigate intricate postures with confidence. These straps act as bridges between your practice and those poses that demand extra support.

Universal Support for All Levels

Irrespective of your skill level, yoga straps prove invaluable. They lend support and encourage correct alignment, catering to beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. Furthermore, they facilitate a comprehensive exploration of your body’s capabilities, fostering growth at every stage.

Access to Full Pose Expression

Our yoga straps allow you to access the full potential of poses that may initially seem out of reach. For instance, in poses like dancer’s pose or cow face pose, yoga straps aid in connecting hands or feet behind the back, even when the complete expression of the pose appears distant.


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The Dynamics of a Yoga Strap

Stretch Further, Reach Higher

Experience the transformative versatility of the organic cotton yoga strap, enhancing every facet of your practice.

Alignment Excellence

In poses demanding extended reach or binding, the strap becomes a guiding force. When hands can't reach the ground in a standing forward bend, holding onto the strap maintains spine straightness and empowers core engagement.

Balancing Act Made Easier

Harness the stabilizing magic of yoga straps during balance-oriented poses. Beginners find solace in poses like Dancer's Pose or Tree Pose by using the strap to secure their foot or provide extra support for optimal balance.

Restorative Bliss

Experience profound relaxation with the assistance of yoga straps in restorative or yin practices. As you sink into gentle, passive stretches, the strap comes to your aid. For instance, a reclining butterfly pose gains new dimensions with the strap cradling the lower back and feet, instigating serene relaxation and hip-groin release.


  • Weight: 4oz
  • Available in 6ft. or 8ft lengths.

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Organic Cinnamon, Organic Undyed Natural, Organic Moss, Organic Lavender, Organic Indigo, Organic Pecan, Organic Pumpkin, Organic Plum

Yoga Strap Size

Eight Foot, Six Foot


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