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Paleo Pad™

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The Paleo Pad is available only in the color Natural, it shown here with a Lavender Removable Cover.

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Size: 33″ x 84″ x 1/2″, 3 lbs.

Accessories: Paleo Pad Duvet Cover


1 review for Paleo Pad™

  1. gtfeibel

    My paleo pad is a superb mat for sleeping. Though very thin, I have comfortably slept on it on everything from dirt to wooden and concrete floors. At the age of 75, I was very happy to have a paleo pad with me when I evacuated from Hurricane Ida on August 28, 2021. I am very uncomfortable in a typical bed, So my paleo pad helped me avoid the stress of sleepless nights while out of my home. It was also very easy to quickly pack all my Carolina Morning furnishings in my car with a few clothes, some food, and my important documents. Had it been necessary to choose, I might have left my important papers rather than my paleo pad. Always, always, always buy removable covers for all your Carolina Morning products.

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