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Manduka” eKO Lite Yoga Mat


Manduka…Pioneers of Premium Yoga Mats

A Legacy of Excellence

Experience the realm of top-tier yoga mats through Manduka, a revered brand renowned for its commitment to crafting superior products.

Sustainability and Durability

Manduka has cemented its place in the yoga community by prioritizing sustainability and longevity. Their mats stand as a testament to environmental consciousness and enduring performance.

Investment in Quality

While Manduka mats may inhabit the higher echelons of the price spectrum, they garner acclaim as a worthwhile investment. The fusion of quality and performance justifies their status as an asset for individuals seeking a profound yoga experience.

***Check Availability for Midnight Blue & Marbled Blue.



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A blend of superior craftsmanship and practical design

Cushioning and Stability

Discover the pinnacle of cushioning and grip, and transform your practice with stability and support.

Durable Closed-Cell Material

Manduka mats are crafted from a closed-cell material, preventing sweat and moisture from penetrating the surface. This design not only simplifies cleaning and upkeep but also ensures a long-lasting, hygienic mat.

Factors for a Perfect Fit

When embarking on the journey of selecting a Manduka yoga mat, key considerations come into play. Thickness, material, grip, and portability assume importance, aligning with your individual preferences and the unique demands of your yoga practice.


  • 71" L x  24" W
  • Weight: 5LBS


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Marble, Midnight Blue, Acai Berry


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