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Organic Wool/Kapok Futon

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Experience Organic Comfort: Our Kapok-Infused Futon Mattress

  • Natural and Organic Components: Crafted with a primary focus on organic materials, our futon mattress embodies nature’s finest essence.

  • Kapok: Nature’s Gift for Sleep: The core component of our mattress is kapok fiber, renowned for its exceptional suitability for mattresses due to its innate properties.

  • Lightweight Luxury: Immerse yourself in the featherlight embrace of our futon, as kapok’s inherent lightweight nature elevates your sleep experience.

  • Natural Buoyancy for Support: Discover a sleep surface that’s not only gentle but also offers natural buoyancy, ensuring both comfort and support throughout the night.

  • Hypoallergenic Haven: Experience a refuge for allergy-sensitive sleepers, as kapok’s hypoallergenic traits create a barrier against allergens, fostering serene slumber.

  • Sustainable Growth and Processing: By eschewing synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs in our material cultivation and processing, we uphold a commitment to sustainability.

  • An Eco-Friendly Choice: Choose a futon mattress that aligns with your eco-conscious values, as our organic approach ensures a more planet-friendly product.

Embrace the embrace of nature and luxury with our kapok-infused futon mattress – a harmonious blend of comfort, sustainability, and serene sleep.


***Due to Federal Health and Safety Regulations, bedding products including futons, pillows and blankets are not returnable.


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Our Organic Wool & Kapok Futon offers several benefits and unique features.

Natural Comfort: Wool and kapok are both natural materials known for their comfort and softness. Wool provides a plush and cozy feel, while kapok offers a supportive yet buoyant sensation. Together, they create a comfortable sleep surface that conforms to your body contours.

Temperature Regulation: Wool is an excellent natural insulator that helps regulate body temperature. It has the ability to wick away moisture and release excess heat, keeping you cool in warmer months and warm during colder seasons. Kapok, with its breathable and lightweight nature, further enhances airflow and helps maintain a comfortable sleep temperature.

Moisture Management: Wool has natural moisture-wicking properties, allowing it to absorb and evaporate moisture efficiently. This can help prevent the buildup of sweat and humidity, promoting a dry and comfortable sleep environment.

Hypoallergenic: Both wool and kapok have inherent hypoallergenic qualities. Wool fibers naturally repel dust mites and resist the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, making it a favorable option for those with allergies or sensitivities. Kapok, being hypoallergenic as well, adds an extra layer of protection against allergens.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Wool and kapok are renewable and sustainable resources. Wool is sheared from sheep, which can be done without causing harm to the animals. Kapok is derived from the seed pods of the kapok tree, which grows naturally and abundantly without the need for synthetic inputs. By choosing a wool and kapok mattress, you support environmentally conscious practices.

Durability and Longevity: Both wool and kapok are durable materials known for their longevity. They can retain their shape and support over time, reducing the need for frequent mattress replacements and contributing to cost-effectiveness.

Chemical-Free and Non-Toxic: Wool and kapok mattresses are typically made without the use of harsh chemicals, flame retardants, or synthetic additives. This makes them a healthier choice, reducing exposure to potentially harmful substances often found in conventional mattresses.

Consider our Unique 3 Tier Organic Construction:

  • A cotton canvas fabric on the outside, certified organic and is milled in South Carolina.
  • The second layer is a 3/8-inch wool batting that is also certified organic. For more information about Eco-wool, see
  • The futon is filled with 25 pounds of kapok, which is a feather-like plant fiber from tropical trees that grow without pesticides or fertilizer.
Measurements - Half Queen (30" x 80" x 5") weighs 27 pounds
Queen (two half queens connected) (60"x80"x
4"), 54 pounds

Accessories:  Removable Cover for Futon

Due to Federal Health and Safety Regulations, bedding products
including futons, pillows and blankets are not returnable.


Breaking in Period - Your futon will be quite “fluffed up” when it arrives. Once it is in place, spend a few minutes patting and smoothing the kapok to evenly distribute it within the covering. For the first few weeks, your sleeping body will leave an imprint, as the kapok has not yet compacted to the futon’s finished height of 4 inches. Since you don’t want that imprint to be permanent, continue to smooth/pat/fluff and redistribute the kapok each morning for 2 to 4 weeks. With this initial care, the futon will settle to provide the firm but resilient sleeping surface for which it is known.  All mattresses become compressed over time, but unlike foam or cotton, kapok can be fluffed and redistributed indefinitely. If you continue to pat the futon surface from the top and bottom toward the middle every few days, you will find the same resilient surface each night.

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Futon Size

Half Queen Size (30"x80"), Queen Size (Two Half-Queens with Unity Straps)

1 review for Organic Wool/Kapok Futon

  1. Kiesa Kay

    By far the most wonderful futon I ever had! It looks good in the bedroom on a platform bed. This futon is so comfortable that when I travel, I put it in the trunk of my Toyota to go wherever I do. It’s very portable, and makes tent camping at festivals a real joy.

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