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 Our Modular Organic Floor Couch, transform your space and simplifies your life with a modern stylish seating solution that’s sure to impress.


Why You Will Love It!

  • Helps you connect with the ground and add healhy movement to your lifestyle
  • Helps you downscale so you can fit into a smaller space
  • Helps you get rid of your clunky couch and detoxify your living room
  • Naturally hypo-allergenic, and dust-mite-resistant
  • Removable covers are easy to wash
  • Mix and match with any of our organic cotton colors
  • Naturally child-proof

How You Can Use It

  • A fun comfortabe place to hang out with friends and family
  • Doubles as a comfortable and convenient  guest bed
  • Throw it in the back seat of you car to take your couch/bed when traveling
  • Long lasting (it should last 10 or more years)
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Place on a breathable surface that buffers from the floor to avoid condensation (such as a blanket, tatami mat, or wooden frame)

What It's Made Of

One of our goals at Carolina Morning is to adapt furniture from floor sitting cultures into the modern setting. Floor Seats come in a variety of styles – from the traditional Japanese Zafu to the Tibetan Kneeling Bench and Native America Tipi Chair that we call the Eco Backrest™. These seats help create a comfortable floor living environment. You can sit in a variety of positions as shown in the photos.

Most Americans are unaware of floor sitting furniture that floor based cultures have developed for many years. These simple seats provide far more comfort than the typical throw pillow can. Our floor seats offer you either a lounge position (as in the Eco Backrest™) or an active sitting position that establishes alignment, balance and comfort (as in the Zafu, Smile Cushion, and Meditation Benches).

Sitting down in a chair does funny things to our bodies. It stretches out our glutes, making them inactive, loose, and weak. People by and large no longer know how to activate their butt muscles due to excessive amounts of chair sitting. Sitting in a chair also keeps the hip flexors in a short, tight, contracted position for extended amounts of time, which can inhibit full hip extension and lead to that hunched over position you often see older folks shuffling around with. And that’s not even mentioning the extensive (and growing) literature showing how sitting for too long increases mortality and degenerative disease. Read more in our Blog Posts!