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Yoga Lounge™

Our Yoga Lounge™ is a variety of organic yoga props used to create a simple, flexible lounge chair on your bed or floor. Great for restorative yoga as well as reading in bed, laptop computing or relaxation! Yoga props in this package can be used individually or in any combination that meets your needs.

Why You Will Love It!

  • Simplify your life with our off-the-shelf yoga kit
  • Find comfortable positions for reading far beyond what everyday furniture can do
  • Made from Organic Cotton and filled with Kapok fiber or Buckwheat hulls.

How You Can Use It

  • This bundled set includes many props you need for your yoga practice
  • You can also use these props as everyday furniture for a minimalist, healthy home decor
  • Six yoga poses you can do with the Lounge™ that will make you feel amazing

Click here for the six poses