I wanted to let you know that my order was received, in its entirety and on time yesterday. I had a really good night’s sleep on the futon. I also read in my Eco Backrest. I am very pleased with both products. (there is some evidence that my allergies are already improving). I love the creative functionality, the aesthetics of color and shape, as well as the healthy and ecology-friendly aspects of your products. Thanks very much for your help.
Happy Holidays,

Harris WW Stern, Ph.D.


I use the “Tilt Seat” as my desk top for my laptop while sitting on the Peace Bench. I spend hours writing every morning this way. I alternate my legs on the bench – sometimes cross legged, sometimes spread out to the side of the desk, and sometimes under the bench. I can’t imagine ever going back to a normal desk again. The hight is perfect.

Why should you use the Peace Bench with this Tilt Seat (I called it my desk)? See my review under the Peace Bench.

I’ve cut a small piece of Yoga mat to fit on the surface so my laptop won’t slide.

Thanks for the amazing designs of your Body Friendly Furniture!

Your fan for life, Michael

Customer Testimonials


“I saw someone using a zafu at a retreat and I thought: Wow! this is the greatest thing anyone has invented since the wheel.” Soyun Kim (Passionist Lay Missioner)


I’ve been struggling with my meditation practice for a while due to hip pain. Now I know I just didn’t have the proper equipment. From the instant I sat on my lovely lavender cloud I felt comfortable and eager to practice. Thank you for making such beautiful, safe and comfortable products!

Sincerely, Rebecca Lanning.



Dear Friends at Carolina Morning Design,

Thank you for supporting City Dharma, a newly forming community here in Pittsburgh, PA .Here is a picture of our small yet committed group of Carnegie Mellon University staff and friends.  

With bows of gratitude,

Rev. Jisen




I just purchased your Smile Cushion from Dancing Moon in Raleigh, NC this afternoon and couldn’t be happier!!

I have horrible low back pain and numbness going down through my legs and haven’t had any all evening!!

My husband and I are looking forward to purchasing more of your products as we begin to streamline our life and getting rid of the excess “stuff”.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product and for being an ethically green and sound company.

Molly Austin, Raleigh, NC



I love that I can fluff/redistribute the kapok as needed. I could never do that when my last mattress started to dip. My husband had been sleeping on the floor for a year before we bought the futons. We are now, happily sleeping together.

–Ebonie Moore, Chicago, IL


I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. I think it has to do with the natural materials and how they relate to my body. I love this bed so much!

Timothy Redmond, Charlotte, NC



You’re products made it possible for my wife and I to move to a small apartment in style. Never slept so good in years–even on an expensive bed. You have obviously put much talent and time into developing deceptively simple concepts that allowed us to walk in and buy off the shelf all that we needed to downscale, simplify, and green our abode. Moving was a breeze! Thank you so much!

Jon Towers, Boone, NC




I had been plagued for many years with constant low-back pain. I take care of myself and try to stay healthy, so this constant pain was getting in my way. Every now and again, I would even get sciatica pains to add to it. It came time to get a new mattress, and I decided to do some research. I was thinking about a futon…and I started reading about Japanese-style. Long story short, I decided to get one from Carolina Morning, and I am so glad that I did. It has been the most comfortable sleep I have ever had. I no longer have chronic low-back pain…and that is just from changing over to sleeping on this mat on the floor! I have not been to a chiropractor or anyone else, the result came strictly from sleeping on this futon. I have been telling people about it ever since! 🙂 Thank you!

Heather Hollywood, PA


“We had imagined a platform like your modular futon and planned to build one until I found your web site. We assembled it last night and the packaging and craftsmanship of the product are awesome. We are so excited about the quality of your product we ordered the backrest and a zabuton today. Great work!”

Adam Khalfalla

Toronto, Ontario



In July I went to a 3 week intensive program at Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado where they only have gomdens, high, firm rectangular cushions. Since I was packing for 3 weeks in a tent, I didn\’t have room for my zafu, so in desperation I ordered your inflatable zafu. It was fantastic. I used it all day every day. I didn\’t even have to add air to it. I was thrilled, and now I have a travel zafu for future use. Thank you so much!” – Judy, Dorchester MA


PEACE BENCH********************

stimonials:I just received my Peace Bench last night and used it this morning. It is amazing! Thanks so much. I have been meditating since 1993 and have graduated from a hard filled zafu, to buckwheat, to now a bench following a recent back injury (sciatica) that has made it difficult to sit cross legged, even now that the injury has healed. I have been kneeling with two cushions and decided to try the bench. I couldn’t be happier. It is so comfortable. I was able to sit very peacefully without uncomfortable pressure in my hips, knees, shins, feet or back. Bravo! I thank you very very much and will recommend this bench to my friends and mentors in my sangha in Los Angeles! I also have a body pillow which I love from your company. I love it so much that I took it with me on a meditation retreat to Thailand in October! Thanks for your great products.




I just received my peace bench today, and I just wanted to thank you. I love it! The wood has such a nice feel, and I’m thrilled with how light, portable and handsome it is. And you sent it out so quickly too. Now all I have to do is get my family and friends into meditation, and I’ll have the perfect gift for them :).

Best regards,




I love my Peace Bench. It has really improved my ability to focus because I am not sitting in an uncomfortable position.

Your products are great.



I received my Zen Office today and was amazed by how something so simple made such a difference in my posture, breathing, and overall comfort. I’m a bit on the heavy side and found the sky position to be the most effective and comfortable for my body type when using the Peace Bench. As for the Tilt Seat, it’s equally comfortable to sit on when I’m not using it as a laptop desk. I plan to take the Tilt Seat to work with me and banish my uncomfortable office chair to the storage closet!




Dear Carolina Mornings,

I had lived with chronic back pain for twenty-five years. This pain has awakened me every single night since its inception when I was nineteen years old. I am now forty-four.

I have used inversion tables, physical therapy, stretching (which I still do), yoga (which I still do), special exercises (which I still do), hypnosis for pain, a variety of chiropractors and massage therapists, and even seening accredited “healers” in hopes of getting something more than slight transient relief of this chronic pain.


Within two hours of my first usage of the tilt chair and peace bench, I noticed a gradual relieving of the constant strained feeling in my lower back! By the time the first two hours were up, I reported 80% to 90% relief of all back pain and soreness, shoulder stiffness and soreness, and 80% relief of neck soreness, aching and stiffness.

I then tried a few gentle stretches, and my range of motion was increased! That night, after using the tilt chair and having my peace bench on my desk to hold my computer keyboard, I slept FOR THE FIRST ENTIRE NIGHT WITHOUT PAIN SINCE I WAS NINETEEN! I am amazed.

I am so grateful to Carolina Morning and Patrick (the designer) for these wonderful items. They are not advertised as miracle furnishings, but to me they are. I never expected anything like this. I have had no recurring back or neck pain since using the tilt chair and peace bench! I meditate with greater ease using the peace bench. My posture has improved. I feel much more energy! Feelings of fatigue and tension have dropped tremendously, since I don’t wake up in pain and discomfort anymore! I am done with putting chiropractor’s kids through graduate school, and I am tired of making mortgage payments for every so-called “healer” who has claimed they could help my back. I plan to be buried with my tilt chair and peace bench, cause I’m taking them with me forever! With my eternal gratitude,

Wilella Nelson, B.A., B.S.N., R.N.