Restorative Yoga Mat

Our Restorative yoga is simply that – restorative. It aids in the centering of your breath and body and practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time.


Why You Will Love It!

  • Our restorative yoga mat is supportive and yet offers sufficient cushioning
  • Kapok is mold and dust mite resistant
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Allows you completely relax and rest

How You Can Use It

  • Use for restorative yoga, resting, lying down meditations or body work
  • A restorative yoga sequence usually involves light twists, seated forward folds and gentle back bends

What It's Made Of

  • Mat: Organic Cotton Canvas
  • Stuffed with: Eco-friendly Kapok Fiber
  • Available in any of our Organic colors
  • Optional zippered removable cover available

I originally thought that I would send it back because I was hoping it would be wider, but after trying the mat I was amazed at how comfortable it is. I am housebound due to a chronic illness and spend most of the day lying down. I was using the couch, but now I have switched to the floor and spend most of the day on this mat. I highly recommend the mat. The fact that it is narrow makes it much more versatile since it is easy to reposition. It has settled some in the past two weeks since I have used it but it is still very full with lots of loft. Deconditioning is a real concern for someone like myself who is bed bound. Being on the floor allows me to move around more, stretch and even do some gentle yoga. I am getting more exercise and movement even while resting. I intend to make more purchases to complete my new seating arrangement.