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Japanese Buckwheat Pillows

Our Japanese Style Buckwheat Pillows easily adjust to fit your needs, encourage spinal alignment and help alleviate any pain. 

Why You Will Love It!

  • Malleable like a beanbag to so you can get just the right shape for your needs at the time
  • Relieves pressure on vertebral disks and decompresses the spine
  • Hypo-allergenic alternative to feather or synthetic fiber fills
  • Buckwheat hulls allow for air movement to help keep you cool

How You Can Use It

  • Excellent for back OR side sleeping. Just reshape pillow by folding or pushing stuffing to middle when shifting positions
  • Wash outer cover at any time but first remove the buckwheat hulls
  • Buckwheat hulls are easy and inexpensive to replace at any time
  • Zippered opening for easy access to buckwheat
  • Adjustable loft, buckwheat hulls can be added or removed

What It's Made Of

  • Pillow: 100% Organic Cotton Twill
  • Pillow Case: 100% Organic Cotton Sateen, 240 thread count
  • Stuffing: Eco-Friendly, ChemicalFree Buckwheat Hulls
  • Choose between Cylindrical or Rectangular Shapes

Pillow Therapy – How to Turn Sleep into Yoga

It’s sort of a standing joke–sometimes people cheer when it’s time for the last part of the yoga workout–Shavasana–that is–laying down to relax, breath and let the mind release.  There usually is no pillow and very little padding. This is a chance to feel the body in a natural setting, without the furniture which surrounds us in everyday life, pushing us this way and that way.

One way to integrate yoga into everyday life is to design one’s resting and sleeping environment around yogic principles. These minimalist principles are not what modern bedding designers use. Actually, modern bedding is over-designed. It is a case of taking technology too far.

The current trend is to make you feel no ‘pressure points’. In other words, numb your body so you are not aware of gravity or anything touching you. For decades the bedding industry has been claiming that is what creates the best sleep. First it was waterbeds and now it is memory foam.

But this reasoning is counter to yogic principles. In yoga ‘Sensory Awareness” is everything. The sleep surfaces and gravity can be used as a tool for getting in touch with the body and creating a biofeedback system to put the body in a natural relaxation response.

How can you be aware of the sensations of breathing when you feel no pressure points? How can you feel the weight of the body sinking into the ground when you can’t feel the weight of the body OR the ground because you are on a surface that takes the pressure points away?

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