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Kapok Body Pillow

Body pillows provides support for sleeping when laying on one’s side. These large pillows contour the body so it is relaxed and in good alignment with optimum breathing. 

Why You Will Love It!

  • Offers support and comfort for side sleeping
  • When hugging this pillow the shoulders, chest, hips and knees stay wide allowing for deeper breathing and relaxation
  • Super breathable materials to keep you cool
  • Firmly stuffed for excellent support
  • You can place your head on the body pillow or on a separate head pillow. It’s fun to play with positions and pillows until you get what works for you!

How You Can Use It

  • This pillow prevents the collapse of the shoulders and hips that usually happens when side sleeping
  • At the same time the pillow goes between the knees to keep the hips wide
  • Encourages comfortable fetal position sleeping, which is the best sleeping position according to some chiropractors
  • Doubles as a bolster under the knees
  • It can be placed at the back of the bed during the day

What It's Made Of

  • Body Pillow: 100% Organic Cotton Twill 
  • Case: 100% Organic Cotton Sateen, 240 thread count
  • Stuffing: Eco-Friendly Kapok Fiber
  • Dimensions: 4.2′ Long x 12″-15″ Wide, 8″ High
  • Weight: 4 Pounds

Sweet Dreams on a Firm Surface: The Ergonomics of Sleep

The author testing out his hypothesis that minimal support is best. A sandy beach seems to be the ideal surface.

I spent 30 years wondering what to sleep on for optimal sleep and health. When I finally realized through personal experimentation and research that the best mattress is no mattress, I could never look at the world the same. We are asleep when it comes to which bed is the best bed.

I discovered that the mattress is creating and/or masking the body's current structural imbalances, impeding circulation and hampering the body from realigning itself during sleep. Sleeping on a hard surface can reshape the back and realign the body. A firm sleep surface helps the body's relationship with gravity, with the earth. This is a therapeutic practice available to all of us, which works while we sleep.

The bedding industry relies on bold claims that one mattress or pillow will outperform another. Some of the claims are tempting, promising a good night's sleep like you've never had before--for only a few thousand dollars.

Where are 'they' getting this information? Sleep and health are intricately related. There is no scientific definition of 'comfort.' Sleep and especially deep sleep with theta and delta brain waves is known to restore health. How does the actual bed or surface upon which one sleeps affect the quality of sleep?

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