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Assembly Instructions

Eco Backrest Assembly Instructions

The Eco Backrest™ consists of a Frame and a Cushion. The Frame consists of a large Back piece, and a Fin Assembly that consists of five separate, smaller pieces.

Back and Cushion Assembly:

1.  Place the cushion on a bed or floor. If your cushion has a removable cover, that should be in place first.

2.  Place the Back on top of the cushion so the side labeled ‘cushion side’ is facing the cushion.

3.  Now attach the cushion to the Back using the clip-on straps.  Insert each end of each strap through its matching hole on the outer edge of the Back. There are four sets of straps and four sets of holes.

Fin Assembly:

4.  Insert each of the three small bars into the matching holes in one of the Fins. The bars should be inserted into the side of the fin with the CM logo.

5.  Place one of the two small wedges into the slot where the widest bar inserts into the Fin, so that bar is held in place.

6.  Fit the other end of each small bar into the proper slots in the other matching Fin piece. Make sure the Logo side of the Fin faces in. Place the second wedge in the slot where the widest bar meets the Fin.

7.  Place this completed Fin Assembly onto the back part of the Frame. Use the four thumb screws to attach the Fin to the back.

8.  You have two choices for the position of the Fin Assembly, which controls the angle at which the Back is positioned when the Backrest is used.  There is a small amount of play where the holes in the Fin Assembly meet the Frame. You may need to give the Fin piece a slight tap to line it up.