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Body Friendly Furniture™ and Carolina Morning™ has helped thousands of people around the world to turn their homes, offices, bedrooms and yoga spaces into healing sanctuaries.

Our simple but high-end, organic bedroom and living room furniture, office furniture, and eco yoga/meditation props are designed with the choicest natural materials like organic cotton, eco-wool, chemical free kapok and buckwheat hulls, sustainably harvested hardwoods, and non-toxic finishes.

Our world class design team has spent 29 years evolving an eclectic, minimalist line of modular furniture with powerful health-enhancing qualities not found anywhere else. Our designs are inspired from from traditional wisdom cultures such as yogic, Taoist, Native American who used the floor to create simple and elegant surroundings. This design approach provides a different approach to comfort that goes deeper.

Our designs help you get in touch with your body, harnessing the power of breath and prana/chi/kundalini, to bring you closer to the earth and source/spirit, even when indoors. Imagine what life would be like if you could put yourself in a comfortable restorative rest position instead of slumping over a desk, and alternative that with constructive movement which tones, stretches and energizes.

We would love to help you change your life.


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As published in the 2013 National Green Pages

News: Our Company Story/History in the National Greenpages 2013!!!


Green Practices

Products are made from meticulously sourced organic, eco and/or recycled materials including recycled cotton, organic cotton, kapok, buckwheat, organic flax, 100% recycled wood non-toxic Medite 2 fiberboard, organic beeswax, pine resin, linseed wood finish. We buy domestically produced and local/regional as often as possible.

We have eliminated all plastic from our packaging. This saves thousands of plastic bags from ending up in landfills every year. It only took us 15 years to realize we could send product unwrapped in the cardboard box. Some products are wrapped in celulose bags.

We print only a one page brochure on 100% recycled paper with soy ink.

We recycle all office paper and bottles. Our fabric scraps are donated to a local charity which makes them into blankets for the homeless.

We employ LEAN manufacturing techniques which makes our operation super efficient and competitive even in the Global Economy. We are constantly working on reducing our energy needs.

*Made in America

We are one of the last holdouts of manufacturing businesses still in operation that haven't moved overseas. We employ people in a rural Appalachian region which prevents extra driving and helps the local economy.

Directions to our place.

We are located in the South Toe Valley of Yancey County North Carolina--an hour north of Asheville, North Carolina. We have a small showroom and welcome visitors. Please call first. 828-675-0490.

Directions from Asheville (one hour driving time): Take HWY. 19/23 North toward Mars Hill. Take the next exit after the Mars Hill exit (about 3 miles on the right).

The exit is at the crest of a hill and be mindful because if you miss is you will need to drive about 15 miles before you can turn around.

Follow this road (19E) about 18 miles to Burnsville and then four miles past Burnsville. Take the Micaville exit on the right and then another right at the stop sign. (There are actually two exits which go to the same HWY 80 S. If you somehow take the second exit because you don't see the first--about 1/4 mile further--you will turn left onto HWY 80 S. instead of right). Follow this road (HWY 80 South) about nine miles. Carolina Morning Designs is on the right 100 yards after the Hamrick sign and immediately before the Amoco station on the left.

You can also take the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville. 8110 State HWY 80 South, Burnsville, NC It takes an extra 15 minutes, but it's well worth it. Just be careful if there is rain or fog likely. Follow the Parkway North past Craggy Gardens and Mount Mitchell State Park. Get off on the Highway 80 exit. (Turn right off the Parkway then left at the stop sign). You will be heading down toward Burnsville and Busick. Go about five miles until you pass Carolina Hemlocks Campground, then a bridge, then an Amoco station on the right. Carolina Morning Designs is the next building on the left after Amoco. Look for the sign.


You may wonder where the farm animals and surrealistic landscape come from which decorate our website and our product packaging. This painting is a depiction of an actual place--the Cade's Mountain Farm--which is a short distance from Carolina Morning Designs headquarters, and is a part of the South Toe community.

The Black Mountain Range is seen in the distance. This is located 50 miles North of Asheville, North Carolina, and the nearest town is Burnsville.

As idealic as the painting looks, it really is like that here. We live in a wonderful place and wanted to share some of the peace and serenity with you, our customers. This feeling is the spirit of Carolina Morning Designs.

This peace and tranquility is the place that our products take you. This quality of mind and heart is the inspiration for meditation and for finding our own inner balance. We feel that harmony with nature, growing food without chemicals, and connecting with the land are a part of the solution to finding inner peace.

Our seats and pillows are made from agricultural products and we find it helpful to reflect on the gifts Mother Earth gives us. Our guiding principles are: lightweight, knockdown, space saving, multi-use, minimalist and safe for the chemically sensitive.


Get Green or Get Out!

by Patrick Clark

Green is grassroots, ethnic, vernacular, humble.
Not bourgeoisl, exclusive, clickish
better than thou

Green turns the economy upside down and
shakes the loose change from the pockets of the misers.
Green is altruistic, mutually rewarding to everyone it impacts.

Green is compostable
gets out of the way when it's not needed
or gets better with age.

Green isn't a roof of pansies covering a flawed paradigm
a big box store
disjointed philosophy
exploiting slave labor
to make organic clothing.

Spewing exhaust across the oceans
on it's way to the
land of the free
so it can undercut
the domestic companies.

Green is from the get-go.
Green is built into the foundation stone of the business strategy.
Green isn't a token response or lip service for getting more sales.

Green is smart, but first it's heart.
Green isn't a band-aide.
Green is collaborating, sharing.

Green will get you where you want to go
but will show you,
you can't get there from here
You have to be there first.


Linsi Deyo is the CEO and
Product Design Manager.


Patrick Clark is President and Marketing Manager


Jonathan Silvers is Stuffing and Packing Manager.


The South Toe Valley in winter where we live and work.


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