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Green Practices

Our products are made from meticulously sourced organic, eco and/or recycled materials including recycled cotton, organic cotton, kapok, buckwheat, organic flax, 100% recycled wood non-toxic Medite 2 fiberboard, organic beeswax, pine resin, and linseed wood finish. We buy domestically produced and local/regional materials as often as possible.

We have eliminated all plastic from our packaging. This saves thousands of plastic bags from ending up in landfills every year. It only took us 15 years to realize we could send products unwrapped in the clean cardboard box. Some products are wrapped in cellulose bags.

We print only a one-page brochure on 100% recycled paper with soy ink. We recycle all office paper and bottles. Our fabric scraps are donated to local charities, which makes them into blankets for the homeless.

We employ LEAN-manufacturing techniques, which makes our operation super efficient and competitive even in the Global Economy. We are constantly working on reducing our energy needs. Our employees live nearby in a rural Appalachian region, preventing extra driving and helping the local economy.