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Yoga Lounge

This is the precurser to the Eco Backrest™--a set of yoga props for creating a simple, flexible lounge chair on your bed or the floor.

This provides a set of yoga props for doing all your favorite restorative asanas as well.

Bed reading pillows for relaxation, laptop computing, restorative yoga or whatever! This lounge chair is made up of a variety of yoga props. Normally $382, Package Price $343.80 (10% off!)

Product Package Includes:

* Restorative Yoga Mat

*Yoga Bolster Rectangular

*Yoga Bolster Cylindrical

*Buckwheat Pillow Cylindrical

*2 Buckwheat Yoga Blocks holding up the Yoga Bolster.

Removable cover for the Yoga Mat is available separately.





Eco Backrest™--is like the Yoga Lounge™ but it is more ideal as a piece of furniture.





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