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A wholesale account is the traditional way of reselling products. You either have a retail outlet where you buy and sell stuff or an online store where you can drop-ship directly from us to your customer.

You are responsible for taking the customer order and sending it to us via phone, fax or email. You either stock the item in your brick and mortar store or you have us dropship to your customer for a small fee.

A wholeseller makes a higher percentage of the profit than an affiliate but also has more work and investment involved. A wholesale account has to take the customer payment and process it and buy the product from us.

* Three Markets:
2--Furniture for Small Spaces/Organic
3--Office Work Stations for the new way of working

* Sleek ecofriendly style

* Improving quality of life and comfort

* Domestically manufactured out of our small facility in Burnsville, North Carolina, 27 years of operation.

* We help you make sales

1--We provide a complete sales package of print and online marketing media like brochures, business cards and online banners and graphics to make it easy for you to promote our products to your customers.

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