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Sky Bench™

* Was designed for the 'Sky Position' 'Easy Pose' or 'Perching' or Sanskrit 'Sukhasana' positions.

* Comes apart in seconds yet sturdy when assembled. Fits together with straps and pegs.

* Sky Bench has a large seat which creates the most stability and prevents the legs from falling asleep. Many beginners have found this to work where nothing else does.

* Seat measures 10"x20" and the height dimensions are 11 1/2 in front and 13.5" in back.

* Made from earth-friendly 100% recycled content wood fiberboard with no added formaldehyde. Completely non-toxic and suitable for the chemically sensitive.

* The bench is hand-finished with a non-toxic finish (whey-based) to give it a dark honey sheen.

* Weighs only six pounds. Easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack because the pieces come apart in seconds.

This meditation seat is environmentally-friendly: Made from a Forest Certified, 100% recycled wood content composite material called Medite II. This is a wood fiber product that uses wood scraps that would otherwise be discarded. A strap made of organic cotton slips over the knob on each side to hold the bench together.


-Sukhasana (Sanskrit: 8 A  8 (; IAST: Sukhsana), Easy Pose, Decent Pose, or Pleasant Pose, is an asana practised in yoga, buddhism and hinduism, similar to sitting in a simple cross-legged position. While opening the hips and lengthening the spine, the posture's relative ease on the knees makes it easier than siddhasana or padmasana for people with physical difficulties. Some schools do not consider it to be as effective for prolonged meditation sessions, although the 20th century Jnana Yoga guru Ramana Maharshi advocated it as suitable for attaining Enlightenment. From Wikipedia

Sky Bench™ $114
11" front x 13.5" back
seat measures 10'" x 20"

Optional Sky Bench Cushion
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