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Organic Bedding

Indoor air pollution caused by the offgassing of building materials and furniture is toxic and can disrupt sleep. We have designed a set of modular organic bedding that is comfortable, safe and elegant. Years of sleep science research as gone into our designs. Our bedding is supportive, well ventilating, and easy to clean and keep clean and MODULAR. You can change your arrangement if your needs or mood changes. And when you move...just pack it in the back seat of your car!

A r T i C l E s

The Ergonomics of Sleep:

Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface
Pillow Therapy
Applying ancient yoga principles to enhance the sleep experience
Reading in Bed:
In Search of the Ultimate Position
Optimizing Circadian Rythms
for the Sleep You Have Always Dreamed of
Interview for the Paleo Sleep Challenge

Organic Kapok/wool Futon

Modular Platform Bedframe

Buckwheat Pillows


Paleo Pad

Organic Kapok Pillows

Eye Pillows


You're products made it possible for my wife and I to move to a small apartment in style. Never slept so good in years--even on an expensive bed. You have obviously put much talent and time into developing deceptively simple concepts that allowed us to walk in and buy off the shelf all that we needed to downscale, simplify, and green our abode. Moving was a breeze! Thank you so much! Jon Towers, Boone, NC ********************

I had been plagued for many years with constant low-back pain. I take care of myself and try to stay healthy, so this constant pain was getting in my way. Every now and again, I would even get sciatica pains to add to it. It came time to get a new mattress, and I decided to do some research. I was thinking about a futon...and I started reading about Japanese-style. Long story short, I decided to get one from Carolina Morning, and I am so glad that I did. It has been the most comfortable sleep I have ever had. I no longer have chronic low-back pain...and that is just from changing over to sleeping on this mat on the floor! I have not been to a chiropractor or anyone else, the result came strictly from sleeping on this futon. I have been telling people about it ever since! :) Thank you! Heather Hollywood, PA

Quantum Calming Mat™

Body Pillows

Organic Cotton Blankets


Tatami Mats

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C o m p l e t e

P  r  o
L  i  s

Floor Seating
and Platform Couch

Body Friendly Office™

Meditation Cushions

Eco Yoga Props

Organic Bedding

Organic Kapok/wool Futon

Modular Platform Bedframe

Organic Kapok Pillows

Buckwheat Pillows Organic

Body Pillows

Organic Cotton Blankets

Quantum Calming Mat™

Tatami Mats

EM Ceramics

Eyewear for Circadian Rhythms

Paleo Pad

Meditation Cushions/Zafus/Crescent Zafus

Meditation Mats /Zabutons

Meditation Bench

Sky Bench™

Inflatable Zafu

Meditation Bells

Japanese Meditation Incense

Beeswax Candles

Lavender Landscape Poster

Meditation Books and CDs

Eco Sticky Mat

Organic Cotton Yoga Straps

Organic Yoga Blankets

Eco Yoga Blocks

Organic Yoga Bolsters

Restorative Yoga Mat

Yoga carry bag/sling

Eye Pillows

Yoga Lounge™


Felted Wool Scraps

Platform Couch

Floor Couch

Japanese Living Room Suite™

Floor Seats/cushions
(zafu, smile cushion™, zabuton sitting mat)

Floor benches/stools
(Peace Bench™, Sky Bench)

Coffee Table

Floor Lounge Chair
(same as Eco Backrest™)

Tilt Seat Dining Set

Tilt Seat Eco Chair™

Eco Backrest™

Lie Down Desk
(same as Eco Backrest™)

Zen Office™

Stand Up or Sit Down Eco Desk™

Body Friendly Office™

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