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We call it an Eco Squarebecause we can't figure out what else to call it! It is a space saving small platform that combines with other of it's kind to become almost any piece of furniture.

"It" is really a bedframe, but it is also a couch frame, or a coffee table, or a headboard to the bed...or whatever you want it to be.

"We had imagined a platform like your modular futon and planned to build one until I found your web site. We assembled it last night and the packaging and craftsmanship of the product are awesome. We are so excited about the quality of your product we ordered the backrest and a zabuton today. Great work!"

Adam Khalfalla
Toronto, Ontario


* 1/2 Queen = Two Ecosquares™ side by side. Dimensions: 30" x 80"

* Queen = Four Ecosquares™ side by side.. Dimensions: 60" x 80"

* Couch = Two EcoSquare™. Dimensions: 30" x 60" x 16"

* Coffee Table = One EcoSquare™. Dimensions: 30" x 40" x 16"

* Raised sitting platform or bench = One EcoSquare™. Dimensions: 30" x 40" x 16"

You can rearrange these frames at any time if your needs change. For example, extra seating AND sleeping for company. This is one piece of furniture you will NEVER get rid of.

When you move, just take the legs off. It takes about five minutes per Eco Square. They come completely apart into small pieces no longer than 40"...the ultimate portability.

This is a SOLID platform bed which creates a firm surface as if sleeping on the floor. Only you have the advantage of a raised surface with superior ventilation and under bed storage.

* Lightweight, easy to move, convert from couch to bed and back again in a few minutes. Inexpensive to ship.

* Made from regionally harvested Appalacian Poplar wood.

* To that we add a non-toxic, whey-based finish called Vermont Natural Coatings Furniture Finish. We also mix in some 'magic' ingredients to further the health and well being effects: EM Ceramic Powder and Amethyst gemstone powder. These rock dusts are embedded in the finish and provide several benefits through their healing frequencies. These benefits include: relaxation on a cellular and vibrational level, discharging static electricity from the body, mitigating some of the effects of electrosmog pollution, and balancing the energy of the chakras.

* Firm surfaces help the body realign itself during sleep. (See The Ergonomics of Sleep).

Box spring beds can cause insomnia and cancer as seen in Scientific American.

$287 per Eco Square™ some assembly


For matching End and Side Rail Kits (See couch picture below), Click Here.


This 1/2 Queen Sized bedframe is composed of two Eco Squares™ which are placed side-by-side. Dimensions of this frame are 30"x80"x16". This fits our organic kapok/wool futon.


This Queen Sized bedframe is composed of four
Eco Squares™ which connect together.
Dimensions of this frame are 60"x80"x16".



Two EcoSquares™ shown here. One is coffee table and one is platform for the EcoBackrests™ creating a love seat.

This photo shows all the pieces for one EcoSquare™ and the tools required for assemply. Tools: 9/16 inch socket wrench and phillips-head screw driver. A power screwdriver is recommended (not shown).



Assembly Instructions: Step-by-step walk-thru video

Step One: Drive the Large Screws (total of eight) into the pre-drilled corner holes. This attaches all four sides of the frame together.



Step Two: Attach each of the slats by driving the small screws into the predrilled holes on each end of the slat.


Step Three: Attach each of the four legs to the corners. There is one SMALL bolt and one LARGE bolt per leg. Each bolt inserts into its respective T-nut. Note the T-nut is OPPOSITE where the bolt inserts.






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