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Our goal is to adapt furniture from floor sitting cultures into the modern setting.

Floor Seats come in a variety of styles, from the traditional Japanese Zafu and Tatami Mat to the Tibetan Kneeling Bench and Native America Tipi Chair that we call the Eco Backrest™. These seats help create a comfortable floor living environment. You can sit in a variety of positions as shown in the photos.

Most Americans are unaware of the floor sitting furniture that floor based cultures have developed for many years, These simple seats provide far more comfort than the typical throw pillow can.

Our floor seats either put the sitter in a lounge position (Eco Backrest™) or in an active sitting position of vertical balance that establishes alignment and comfort.

Floor sitting is being rediscovered as a sleek and attractive design alternative especially for small spaces.


The Lean Green Dwelling

Living Big in a Small Space

by Patrick Clark


To most of us, a small dwelling normally brings up negative images such as: compromise, cramped, ghetto, low income, anti-social, and utilitarian. Isn’t this the land of the free, where bigger is better? Even so, in reality most of us live in a small abode out of necessity.

The current offerings on the market for space-saving furniture are usually simply the same icons (the couch, chair, table, and bed) in a smaller size or having fewer of them in an abode, studio or office. This is not a system upgrade or redesign, but merely ‘re-arranging the furniture’. This is just living smaller in a smaller space.

Modern has thrown away the baby with the bath water when it started excluded vernacular and classical elements in favor of the ‘newer is better’ mentality. What I am proposing is a method of designing small spaces using principles from a wide range of disciplines and cultures, to bring ‘Modern’ up to date. Actually Modern in this sense would be involve a different set of aesthetics which considers a wider range of factors and values, such as health, clutter control, green lifestyle, non-toxic materials, building science, Fung Shui, community building, appreciation for other cultures and an openness to new ideas as well as old ideas that still work.

The obstacles preventing this approach from becoming widespread boil down mostly to overlooked design flaws in the American home and office. These flaws are hangovers from a bygone era which had different available technologies, building materials, and culture. These American icons are ingrained in our psyches and modern design has not yet stood back and gotten a wide enough perspective to see that it is still thinking inside the box, not solving the problem.

A small home is far more capable of providing comfort, convenience, and elegance than most designers and architects realize. The fact that a building is designed around the furniture it holds must be looked at first before this hypothesis can be understood—that is, before one can start thinking outside the nine dots.


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Shown here is our Japanese Living Room Set which includes four zabutons with a variety of seats (two zafus, one Peace Bench™, one Smile Cushion™ for a discounted price (20% off individual prices)

These sitting mats can be placed together for comfortable floor sleeping. A sleek, minimalist approach to interior design.

Feel free to mix and match our floor seats to your needs. Please call to customize your Living Room Set.


The Peace Bench™ is lightweight and sleek.


We offer a complete set of cozy bedroom furniture both on and off the floor. Shown here is the platform bed with futon, zafu, Tilt Seat Eco Chair™, with floor futon, zabuton, and Peace Bench™ in background

The Sky Bench™ (she's sitting on it) is larger than the Peace Bench for more stability. The Tilt Seat™ is shown here used as a desk.


Our platform bed can be a 'raised floor' with or without legs. Essentially it is a modern tatami mat that comes in two pieces 30"x40". We feel traditional tatami mats are prone to dust mites and our wooden version is actually more practical for the modern setting..

Floor Couch Alternative The Floor Couch is a mini futon with yoga bolsters for a back.


Japanese tatami mat "tatami omote" is really the covering over the top of the tatami.

Our platform bed can be used directly on the floor as shown for placing floor seating or floor bedding and creating superior ventilation and get away from the dust. (See the Ergonomics of Sleep)


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