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Eco Yoga Props

Eco Sticky Mat

Eco Yoga Blocks

Organic Yoga Bolsters

Our focus is finding eco friendly alternatives to toxic yoga props. We specialize in creative designs which function as well or better than the yoga products you are familiar with, but might look a little different. We use our imagination to help you promote peace and sustainability literally both on the mat and off. Our designs are tested and endorsed by certified yoga teachers before being introduced to the market.

We do not compromise by offering both the inexpensive yoga products along side our earth-friendly designs. We make all of our yoga products in our own shop in North Carolina from chemical free ingredients (not including our Manduka sticky mat or organic cotton blanket).


Organic Cotton Yoga Straps

Eye Pillows

Organic Yoga Blanket


Yoga carry bag/sling

Restorative Yoga Mat

Yoga Lounge™

MatSlingCamo yogaloungelinsirelaxtiny

C o m p l e t e

P  r  o
L  i  s

Floor Seating
and Platform Couch

Body Friendly Office™

Meditation Cushions

Eco Yoga Props

Organic Bedding

Organic Kapok/wool Futon

Modular Platform Bedframe

Organic Kapok Pillows

Buckwheat Pillows Organic

Body Pillows

Organic Cotton Blankets

Quantum Calming Mat™

Tatami Mats

EM Ceramics

Eyewear for Circadian Rhythms

Paleo Pad

Meditation Cushions/Zafus/Crescent Zafus

Meditation Mats /Zabutons

Meditation Bench

Sky Bench™

Inflatable Zafu

Meditation Bells

Japanese Meditation Incense

Beeswax Candles

Lavender Landscape Poster

Meditation Books and CDs

Eco Sticky Mat

Organic Cotton Yoga Straps

Organic Yoga Blankets

Eco Yoga Blocks

Organic Yoga Bolsters

Restorative Yoga Mat

Yoga carry bag/sling

Eye Pillows

Yoga Lounge™


Felted Wool Scraps

Platform Couch

Floor Couch

Japanese Living Room Suite™

Floor Seats/cushions
(zafu, smile cushion™, zabuton sitting mat)

Floor benches/stools
(Peace Bench™, Sky Bench)

Coffee Table

Floor Lounge Chair
(same as Eco Backrest™)

Tilt Seat Dining Set

Tilt Seat Eco Chair™

Eco Backrest™

Lie Down Desk
(same as Eco Backrest™)

Zen Office™

Stand Up or Sit Down Eco Desk™

Body Friendly Office™

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