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Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Mold, Fleas-Bioaerosols

How To Manage for Clean Indoor Air


Dust mites live in the warm humid environments of bedding, carpeting, stuffed furniture, and stuffed animnals. Dust mite allergies are not caused by the mite, but by the feces produced by the mite and by dead dust mite parts. The primary food source for dust mites is skin scale and/or fungi growing on the skin scale. This is found in high use areas where there is a high degree of human activity--bedroom, bed, bathroom, upholstered furniture. Humidity and temperature control survival, the relative humidity of greater than 50% is required for dust mites to survive.

Keeping you home clean and well ventilated, and using suitable light reduces the opportunity for dust mite growth. Dust mites and many other mocrobial organisms cannot tolerate ultra violet light.

Bed linens should be exposed to air daily and sun whenever possible.

Use of HVAC and dehumidifiers limit the mite populations by keeping the humidity below 50%

Wash bedding and stuffed animals weekly in very hot water. Bleach is not necessary.

Pillows accumulate microscopic skin cells and dust mites. This becomes a signimicant percentage of the pillows weight after a few years and the pillow must be replaced, as there is no good way to remove the allergic components. Vacuum mattresses with a HEPA type vacuum cleaner or a central vacuum.

If bedroom is carpeted, vacuum once or twice a week running vacuum slowly lengthwise and across. (Soldi surface flooring would be better.)

Mattresses and pillows can be encased in cotton barrier cloth. Do NOT use the plastic (PVC) barrier products.


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