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Alternatives to the Chair

What's Wrong with the Chair? Sitting and the New Ergonomics

Laptop Ergonomics: Footloose and Chairfree

Which Cushion is for You?
A guide to choosing the best meditation sitting arrangement.

Meditation Basics: The Art of Natural Sitting

Chair Free Lifestyle:
A New Approach to Fitness and Health

One Person's Success with Back Pain Management using Holistic Methods


Increasing the Regenerative Power of Sleep

The Ergonomics of Sleep: Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface

Pillow Therapy
Applying ancient yoga principles to enhance the sleep experience
Reading in Bed: In Search of the Ultimate Position
Optimizing Circadian Rhythms
How to Get Grounded: A Scientific Approach
Protecting from biohazards in the home (bed bugs, dust mites, mold, etc.)
What's Keeping You Awake at Night: Two Hidden Hazards
Quantum Field Calming--Beyond Organics.
The ecological and health impacts of the textile industry
Natural materials vs. synthetic--Specifically comparing buckwheat, kapok, and cotton.

Living in Small Spaces

How We Learned to Live in and Love a Small Space Part One

How We Learned to Live in and Love a Small Space Part Two

The Paradox of Small Simplicity and Minimalism in the Bedroom

The Lean Green Dwelling

Floor Sleeping as a Small Space Design Solution

The Mini Futon for Sleeping and Couch:
A Small Solution to a Big Problem

Time, Space and Travel:
How perception of time and space influences world view.

The Soul of Design Putting Meaning, Roots and Connection into Modern



About the Editor

Patrick Clark has been researching and writing about design, nutrition, deep ecology, sleep, metabolism, minimalism and somatics for over 20 years. He has presented ground breaking research focused on increasing wellness and energy through an integrated system. His writings have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

His unconventional approach uses nature, metabolism, and consciousness as the starting point of design. His bold attempts to re-design lifestyle to fit these three criteria has resulted in products that are on the market and sold on this site. When he has a question that no-one can answer, he knows it's time for a new search. Mr. Clark has authored landmark research such as What's Wrong with the Chair and The Ergonomics of Sleep which is respected and used by top industry professionals in the areas of sleep science and body conscious design.

Patrick got into his eclectic line of work from a personal desire to heal from illness. Mr. Clark 'brought himself back from the dead' after experiencing two decades of declining health and trying diets and modalities that failed miserably. Then he discovered a paradigm that revealed the truth that had been hiding behind current medical thinking.

This new way was the ONLY WAY that worked. Now, after ten years of putting together a unique protocol based on cutting edge research, he is offering his knowledge to the public. Mr. Clark has, as part of his wellness/vitality protocol, invented a line of revolutionary 'body friendly' furniture as well as highly effective, nutrient dense, anti-oxidant rich recipes and wellness formulas.

He found that diet alone was not the answer. The answer came in multimple parts: environment, nutrition, sleep, and excercise. He found a ready audience in the emerging organic and Paleo movement where people realize a complete lifestyle overhaul is needed.

He realized the body mechanics and biology of human locomotion were applicable to everyday activities in the home and office and his design focus has been integrating these two areas of life.

He also realized that most people do not have the energy it takes to adopt some of his radical lifestyle approaches, such as standing and work and sleeping on a hard surface. So he turned his attention to building biology, nutrition and sleep science.

He was editor of Kokopelli Notes: The Journal of Self-Propelled Transportation (1990-1994), which was nationally distributed, reviewed by Utne Reader, and won the E-Town E-chievement Award in 1993.

He also has a certificate in Permaculture Design as well as Outdoor Leadership from the Wilderness Education Association.

Patrick Clark graduated from Lawrence High in 1982, and the University of Kansas in 1987 with a B.S. degree in Education.

Some of Patrick's favorite activities are: hiking, swimming, bicycling, backpacking, gardening, playing the banjo, skateboarding and continuing to learn, experiment, explore, invent and write.

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