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Affiliate Program

What is the difference between an affiliate account and a wholesale account?

An affiliate account takes no money from the customer but simply refers the customer to our website. You resell our products by referring your friends or website visitors or anyone you meet to our website. That's ALL you do. You earn commission on sales that result from your leads including repeat sales. We provide a link that tracks the traffice you send to our site.

The Markets:
2--Furniture for Small Spaces
3--Office Work Stations for the new way of working
4--Organic Bedding

You're in control. You set up your work environment with the principles of Body Friendly Furniture and create your own customized office.. This gives you the power to speak from authority and increases your selling potential.

Affiliates Earn generous 15% commission on sales to new referral customers, including repeat sales from that same customer (retail). Earn 5% commission on wholesale referrals you send our way. We provide a complete sales package of print and online marketing media like brochures, business cards and online banners and graphics to make it easy for you to promote our products to your customers.

How to sell (just a few ideas)

1--Word of Mouth. Just show your friends how cool it is and give them a brochure or business card.

2--Social Media. Use Facebook, Linked In, Craigs List, Ebay--whatever works!

3--On your website if you have one.

4--To wholesale accounts like yoga studios, organic bedding stores, at computer stores, coffee shops, or chiropractic or health expos. Get creative!

5--Free publicity like magazine articles (get print media to review us.)

6--If you have a therapy practice like: massage, chiropractic, P.T., etc.

7--To people in your office.

8--To visitors at your house. Have a party!

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