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Our buckwheat hulls are grown without chemicals or pesticides, in agricultural areas where buckwheat is grown as both a food crop, and as a "cover crop" or "green manure" crop. Buckwheat grows faster than weeds, which makes the use of herbicides un-necessary.

Our buckwheat hulls are ROASTED. With Buckwheat Hulls, there are two main milling processes which produce very different hulls. With the ROASTING process, dust is burned off instead of using water. The ROASTING process makes a clean, sturdy hull with little or no odor.

The other buckwheat milling process is to mill the hull WITHOUT ROASTING it first. This produces an inferior hull which requires washing to remove dust. The ROASTING method, in our experience, produces a better, longer lasting hull. However, there are no ROASTED hulls that are certified organic. We have choosen the ROASTED hulls because we feel the certification process is minor in this case, since all buckwheat is grown totally without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.