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C o m p l e t e

P r o d u c t

L i s t i n g

Meditation Cushions

Meditation Cushions/Zafus/Crescent Zafus

Meditation Mats /Zabutons

Meditation Bench

Sky Bench™

Inflatable Zafu

Sacred Space Kit

Meditation Bells

Japanese Meditation Incense

Beeswax Candles

Lavender Landscape Poster

Meditation Books and CDs

Eco Yoga Props

Eco Sticky Mat

Organic Cotton Yoga Straps

Organic Yoga Blankets

Eco Yoga Blocks

Organic Yoga Bolsters

Restorative Yoga Mat

Yoga carry bag/sling

Eye Pillows

Yoga Lounge™


Felted Wool Scraps

Floor Seating

Platform Couch

Floor Couch

Japanese Living Room Suite™

Floor Seats/cushions
(zafu, smile cushion™, zabuton sitting mat)

Floor benches/stools
(Peace Bench™, Sky Bench)

Coffee Table

Floor Lounge Chair
(same as Eco Backrest™)

Tilt Seat Dining Set

Body Friendly

Tilt Seat Eco Chair™

Eco Backrest™

Lie Down Desk
(same as Eco Backrest™)

Zen Office™

Stand Up or Sit Down Eco Desk™

Body Friendly Office™

Organic Bedding

Organic Kapok/wool Futon

Modular Platform Bedframe

Organic Kapok Pillows

Buckwheat Pillows Organic

Body Pillows

Organic Cotton Blankets

Quantum Calming Mat™

Tatami Mats

Eyewear for Circadian Rhythms

Paleo Pad

I wanted to let you know that my order was received, in its entirety and on time yesterday. I had a really good night's sleep on the futon. I also read in my Eco Backrest. I am very pleased with both products. (there is some evidence that my allergies are already improving). I love the creative functionality, the aesthetics of color and shape, as well as the healthy and ecology-friendly aspects of your products. Thanks very much for your help.
Happy Holidays,

Harris WW Stern, Ph.D.



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EcoBackrest™ reviewed on eHow. "Lounge Chairs for Bad Backs"
The chronic back problems that plague many people can be relieved at least in part by choosing different chairs -- even those designed for lounging. A simple change in sitting or reclining posture can ease joint stress and relieve back pain.



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Carolina Morning Designs, Inc. has helped thousands of people around the world to turn their homes, offices, bedrooms and yoga spaces into healing sanctuaries.

Our simple but high-end, organic bedroom and living room furniture, office furniture, and eco yoga/meditation props are designed with the choicest natural materials like organic cotton, eco-wool, chemical free kapok and buckwheat hulls, sustainably harvested hardwoods, and non-toxic finishes.

Our world class design team has spent 29 years evolving an eclectic, minimalist line of modular furniture with powerful health-enhancing qualities not found anywhere else.

Our designs are inspired from from traditional wisdom cultures such as yogic, Taoist, Native American who used the floor to create simple and elegant surroundings. This design approach provides a different approach to comfort that goes deeper. Our designs help you get in touch with your body, harnessing the power of breath and prana/chi/kundalini, to bring you closer to the earth and source/spirit, even when indoors.

Imagine what life would be like if you could put yourself in a comfortable restorative rest position instead of slumping over a desk, and alternative that with constructive movement which tones, stretches and energizes. We would love to help you change your life.